Hiking Croatia

Wilderness at the doorstep of civilization

For many, Croatia is just a clean sea, an indented coast with countless islets, beautiful bays, and sandy and pebble beaches… But there is more! Unspoiled nature and enchanting beauty hide around the corner – in the hinterland!

Of course, you have to make a small effort at least to experience the grandiose mountain expanse, but you don’t need to worry. As experienced mountaineers, the leaders of the local hiking club, and the founders of the first Croatian long-distance trail Via Adriatica, we think we can help you. 😉

You will “get lost” in an impressive wilderness somewhere less than an hour’s drive from an urban area. Unspoiled nature, beautiful views and magnificent silence will surround you the whole way.

Hikes can be organized as one-day or multi-day trips for experienced hikers or as short 1-2 hour sightseeing walks for everyone.

We can go with you as a guide or we can just drop you off at the starting point and pick you up at the end. In any case, the experience is guaranteed.

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