Dalmatian Highlands Backpacking Adventure

Intact and desolate

For many, Dalmatia is just a clear sea, indented coast with countless islands, beautiful bays, and sandy and pebble beaches… But we offer you something more! Untouched nature and enchanting beauty are hidden around the corner, in the Dalmatian hinterland. Only a few people go to these impressive mountains because one has to make an effort first to experience the grandiose mountain expanse. We will show you Split, that genuine Mediterranean city so that when you find yourself camping on deserted plateaus and almost impassable karst, the experience will be even stronger. Through this seemingly inhospitable area, the route of the first Croatian long-distance trail Via Adriatica leads us. We will “get lost” in the wild only here and there touching civilization to enhance the impression of the wilderness.


Day 1     Welcome to Split!

We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to Split, the second-largest city in Croatia and the capital of Dalmatia. This typical Mediterranean city rich in history but also daily liveliness will charm you at first sight. Accompanied by a local guide, we will explore the famous Diocletian’s Palace, one of the best-preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world in which the people of Split still live today. You must have a drink on the Riva, the promenade and the city living room, the most popular and most important public place in Split, just as the locals do. After dinner, we drive 1,5 hours to sleep in the mountain lodge, our trail starting point.

Day 2     Meeting Dinara

(Planinarska kuća Sveti Jakov – Planinarska kuća Pume – Dinara Troglavska skupina)

The Dinara is a symbol of the longest mountain range in the Balkans, the Dinaric Alps, after which it got its name, which stretches from Slovenia, through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and ends in Albania. Right this year it was finally declared a nature park which it unquestionably deserves. Since we spent the previous night quite high in the mountains, today’s ascent, meeting Dinara, will not be a problem for us. The mountain is mostly bared so you will be amazed by its massiveness. We’ll spend the night in the shelter.

Day 3     Across the expanses to the incredible spring

(Planinarska kuća Pume – Izvor Cetine)

After we wake up rested, we move on! On today’s route, we will enjoy the view all the way and watch the Bosnian mountains in the north which are part of the same mountain, the Dinara, but separated by an invisible border, belong to another state. Along the way, we will s climb several peaks, and rest as needed. Leaving the highlands we will descend to a miraculous water source of the Cetina river, the green-blue diamond. Overnight at a hostel unless the starry sky makes our camp.

Day 4     Croatia’s highest peak

(Glavaš – Dinara (Sinjal) – Knin)

Today’s hike to the highest peak of Dinara mountain and Croatia as well, Sinjal (Sign) is not technically difficult or long. Though it is demanding because of a steady, consistent climb on a rocky path. Along the way, we will visit the ruins of a watchtower fortress and stop for a break at the shelter, a stone hut built by shepherds. We continue ascent on the meadow-like terrain to the ridge and reach the top with views of mountain ranges in all directions. You’ll feel the mysterious and exciting atmosphere of this quite a remote area with no signs of civilization if we exclude mountaineering markings on rocks. As we descend we enjoy the view all the way.

Day 5     Water in karst

(Knin – Zrmanja source – Krupa river)

Since we don’t like asphalt, after breakfast we’ll take a 30 min transfer to be in the wild as soon as possible. If Dinara mountain is a bleak expanse in the mountains, what awaits us today is desolate areas in the lowlands. The entire coastal part of Croatia is made up of porous dry karst full of holes, caves, and sinkholes so you’d say there is no water. But you’d be mistaken! Today we will see two springs, three rivers and waterfalls. We will pass through an abandoned village, by a monastery. In the end, we’ll have fun on a small ferrata and a dry stone bridge will tell us a romantic story.

Day 6     Forgotten pastoral paths of Southern Velebit

(Krupa – Vilenski kukovi)

After only half an hour from the once very lively main road, we will forget that it even exists. We head into the rugged interior of the Southern Velebit, where only a few experienced mountaineers go. After we take a look in a small cave and rest in front of the abandoned pastoral shelter, we’ll leave the evidence of the presence of a man behind us. We’ll walk surrounded by rocks and rest on small glades. After watching the sunset, we will camp under the open starry sky on the meadow below the Fairy Rocks.

Day 7     Mountain pastures and the stone gallery

(Vilenski kukovi – Tulove grede)

On the last day, a light, almost promenade part awaits us. We will descend to wide mountain fields and then retreat through a small canyon to the place where nature has set up its remarkable stone gallery. In the end, we will be amazed by the most grandiose one of these natural exhibits. Full of stories and impressions we sort out memories and drive back to Split.

Day 8 Goodbye! Transfer to Split airport.


  • Split, a historically rich and irresistible charming Mediterranean city
  • Dinara Nature Park
  • Cetina, Zrmanja and Krupa rivers
  • The wilderness of South Velebit
  • Tulove grede stone gallery


  • 1 night in ***hotel/apartment
  • 6 nights in a mountain hut/shelter/camp
  • 2 airport transfers
  • all the transfers and logistics
  • 3 daily meals a day for 6 days hike
  • guiding

Not included

  • costs except those listed


1 night Split in ***hotel

6 nights in a mountain hut/shelter/camping


Hiking days: 6

Total length: 100 km (up to 20 km per day)

Effective hiking per day: up to 8 hours

Max elevation: 1831 m

Total ascent: max 1200 m

Terrain: mountain trails, gravel road

Hiking area: Dalmatia county

Level: moderate/hard

Price: 1390 EUR (based on 7 people)

Klaracomm d.o.o. tourist agency, Svetoklarska 28, 10020 Zagreb, info@croescape.com