Backpacking Adventures

The Wild Backyard of Europe

If the Amazon and Africa are not that affordable to you, don’t worry, Europe’s closest wilderness is just around the corner!

The eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, once an exotic Illyrian country, with its mountains, is the true Wild Backyard of Europe. It would be a shame not to explore it in the most appropriate way – backpacking!

If looking for a place where you can enjoy hiking, rest your soul, explore unseen beauties, and meet genuine folks and their ways, Croescape will take you there.

Because Croatia is more than just the Adriatic coast 😉

What do we offer?

Tailor-made hiking routes and destinations that will take you to the beautiful and harsh Adriatic hinterland: its mountains, plateaus, forests and rivers. Discover the natural beauty of Croatia!

Whether you are interested in one of our suggestions listed below or have your own idea, feel free to send us an inquiry.

Istria & Devil’s Garden Backpacking Adventure

Mythical Velebit Mountain Backpacking Adventure

Dalmatian Highlands Backpacking Adventure

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